I’ve been thinking a lot about my miscarriage, as I think all women do. I’m trying to see the good in it, and at the same time keep my mind off of it.

The good in it: I thank God that my body is healthy enough to terminate what could have been an even worse situation. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for my supportive husband. I’m thankful for the wonderful life we do have, and the extra time we have now to prepare for our second try.

Keeping my mind off of it:

Made a list of what I’m thankful for – knowing that I still have so many wonderful things in my life, and going for me really helps to reassure that my life isn’t over. I am stronger and will overcome this and will eventually be pregnant again.

I’ve started a workout regimen. Nothing like getting pregnant and realizing you’re already out of shape. I just kept playing in my head telling people and them saying they could see my bump — “no, I’m just fat I’m only 6 weeks” would be my response. Plus, exercising is great way to relieve stress and distract me from this sad part of my life. Plus, this was a wake up call! I need to be healthy for my baby! On top of my new workouts, I’ve changed my eating habits. What I eat, baby eats! All I want is a healthy baby, so I need to be healthy first!

I’ve turned to music. I’m not talking sad, emo, cry in the corner music. I had one day of that and told myself I need to WAKE UP. Living in a corner crying all day is no way to get over anything! It’s not good for me, my relationship, my puppies, my job – ANYTHING. I have been pumping the jams! When I cook, or clean my iPad is blaring some hip-hop workout station on Pandora. I’m dancing around. The puppies love it, and so do I. I am keeping my body moving, and actually enjoying the cooking and cleaning (who does that??). Plus, when my puppies are happy it is the cutest thing.

I’ve basked in the sun. Sometimes in a tanning booth, sometimes outside. If you look good, you’ll feel good – and sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. I think I look great with a tan (I am in no way condoning or encouraging tanning salons). It is a great escape, and incredibly relaxing. Its 20 minutes of just me. I drift away, take a little cat nap and wake up feeling pretty and refreshed.

I went shopping. First thing I did was buy 14 pairs of new underwear. Maxi pads are REALLY sticky, so it was time. It also made me feel sexy, which made me feel good. I bought a few new tops, and felt great. Retail therapy IS a real thing!

Lastly, I had a night out on the town. A group of my friends and I enjoyed some drinks on the patio, and chatted all night. It was wonderful. When nobody knows, nobody asks, and when nobody asks I don’t have to tell.

Now, it’s a new week. I’m feeling better – emotionally, physically and mentally. I’m going to continue working on my habits, and doing things to make myself happy. Happy wife = happy life 🙂

These have worked for me, but if anyone else has tips they’d like to share I would love to hear them.