Why It Is Impossible To Get A Job Post College Graduation — June 5, 2015

Why It Is Impossible To Get A Job Post College Graduation

So, I’ve just recently graduated and now I’m on the hunt…for a new job that is. Does anybody know how hard, and unrealistic it is to find a decent job in your field after graduation?? Well let me tell you what, it is damn near impossible! Normally I take the Audrey Hepburn approach and am all like that word says “I’m possible” I can do this! But this is a whole new level.

First reason it is impossible to get a job after graduation: Employers want you to have your degree and 3-5 years experience. HOW??? How could I possibly have my degree AND 3-5 years experience? You wouldn’t hire me without my degree, so how am I supposed to have experience? It makes absolutely no sense. I wasn’t qualified before, and I’m not qualified now. It is a vicious cycle.

Second reason it is impossible to get a job after graduation: Employment agencies. What a joke. Companies want you to work through an employment agency, sometimes indefinitely. Like wtf is that all about? Your hiring process is enough to make someone want to jump off a cliff, but you don’t want to give someone benefits, or pay me enough to make my student loan payments. Ok no, I don’t want your shitty 6 month job with no benefits to MAYBE get another assignment afterward or maybe NOT.

Third reason it is impossible to get a job after graduation: Applications are all done online with a disclaimer ONLINE APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED ONLY, NO ON-SITE APPLICATIONS GIVEN OR ACCEPTED aka WE DON’T WANT YOU HANGING AROUND OUR PLACE. It’s ridiculous. I only reach out to hiring managers when I know I am qualified for a position, because let’s be honest, sometimes you apply for positions that are a bit out of your league because why the hell not. But, I reached out to one manger in particular because I was super excited about the position, and I knew I could do it well. I called and she wasn’t available so I left a message, just introducing myself and making sure she got all of my documents – you never know with computers these days. I didn’t hear anything back. I called again the next week and, again, she wasn’t available. I left another message asking if the position was still available. I heard nothing back again. I called again the next week, and I was instructed to please email her. So I do that, and still NOTHING. If you plan on posting a job, at least have enough decency to keep people who applied informed. AND TAKE YOUR DAMN AD DOWN.

Fourth reason it is impossible to get a job after graduation: Everything is done online. As if it wasn’t bad enough that applications are online only, now people want to Skype interviews. I had an interview where they could see me, but I couldn’t see them. Talk about awkward. Another man joined the interview, who couldn’t be seen either, but he also muted himself. Like are you guys really THAT busy?? What was the point of joining the interview? To see a close up of my face for 30 minutes? Half of a conversation is body language. It was like talking to a brick wall. I was watching my dogs play. And damnit, be prepared for the interview. I was ready with notes, and key words to keep me on track but the woman didn’t know her software. She had me muted and thought she couldn’t hear me because of my internet connection. Needless to say…I didn’t get another interview.

Fifth reason it is impossible to get a job after graduation: The requirements for jobs are outrageous. I know I kind of touched on this one at first, but even shitty jobs want you to have a degree now sooooo the good jobs feel the need to have all this other ridiculous requirements. Like you must be proficient in every single area that we work with even if it doesn’t pertain to the job you would be doing. Like, why? You’re just going to train me anyway. The whole point of taking a new job is to learn, and grow, and improve yourself. If I was already proficient at everything your company does, then I would have your job and I would be interviewing YOU!

In other words, my job search isn’t going well. Good luck to all you other job searchers — just don’t take my job šŸ˜‰

Sassy Eats — May 27, 2015

Sassy Eats

So I’ve been trying to better myself, and become more healthy. I think there is a huge misconception about what it takes to be healthy, however. Just because I’m being healthy, doesn’t mean I’m eating rabbit food for every meal. Last night I thought I would add in some vegetables we don’t normally eat and prepare a stuffed pepper casserole, which was delicious! I understand this isn’t under 200 calories either, but it’s better than grabbing some fast food, or over eating because the salad didn’t fill me up.

Anyway, we like our food with a bit of sass, like me — so eat at your own risk!

Here is the recipe if anyone is interested!

1 lb. 96% Lean Beef (We used Laura’s Lean Beef)
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Jalapeno
5 Baby onions (or 1 small onion)
1 tbsp. Minced Garlic
1 Jar Spaghetti Sauce (we used Prego Spicy Pepper)
1 pkg Spanish Rice (We Used Knorr)
1.5 cups of Fat Free Taco Nacho Shredded Cheese
1 tsp. Celery Flakes

1 pkgĀ Taco Seasoning (We used Hot & Spicy)

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Slice peppers, jalapeno, and onions.
3. Brown beef with peppers, onions, jalapeno, garlic, and celery flakes.
4. In separate pan, prepare the rice.
5. Drain beef mixture,Ā if necessary.
6. Then, combine beef mixture, rice, (taco seasoning), and spaghetti sauce. Heat through.
7. Spray 2.5qt casserole dish, and spread everything out.
8. Top with cheese.
9. Bake for 20-25 minutes, and wala!

It was quick, easy, and delicious! Enjoy!


Lifestyle Changes — May 21, 2015

Lifestyle Changes

Yesterday was a hard day. I don’t like to write about my friends, I like to write about my experiences. I had a bad day – and I’m sorry for taking that out on certain individuals. You are not given a bad life or a good life – you are givenĀ a life. It is your choice to make of it what you wish. So, I’m going to try this again.

I feel like I have no friends. I feel like I’m never anybody’s first choice (except for husband). I feel like I am the person that people go to when they have nothing else to do. I feel like I don’t have any real friends left here in Saginaw.

Now that I’ve gotten that out – I’m done with the pity party.

I’m going to look at this as an opportunity. This is an opportunity for me to grow. I have more time to focus on myself as a person. There are a few things in particular that I want to work on. My health, my sleep habits, and my sensitivity.

I want to work on my health, because I feel like that is a party of my life that makes me unhappy. I feel very out of shape, and my petite body can’t handle it. I signed up for a 5k, so I’m running everyday. I am waiting for my herbal cleanse to come in the mail. I am also lifting a little bit of weights. My herbal cleanse recommends no alcohol, so no drinking and I’m also going to eat only home cooked meals. I’m going to start with doing this just for the herbal cleanse, but also working it into my everyday life. I want to make a lifestyle change, not just temporary.

I want to work on my sleeping habits because I am serious the devil when I sleep. I am going to set a sleep schedule. I know I won’t always be able to follow it, but I can try! Right now I have one, and it’s out of control. One of our dogs ate husband’s eye glasses so he has been having to go potty more frequently as he is passing them. Last night husband woke me up to take them out and I swear I turned into a demon. I was furious. But why? It was 10 minutes, and I fell right back asleep. I felt bad. Like why would I be mean to him? It’s not his fault that our dog eats everything he can get his mouth on. Not to mention, husband has to wake up two hours before me. This doesn’t happen when I’m awake – just if I’m sleeping. I wake up super grumpy too. I am blessed to be alive everyday! I’m setting a sleep schedule in hopes of improving my nasty attitude when I drag myself out of bed.

I also want to work on my sensitivity. I know that I am a sensitive girl. I will never argue that, but I am developing into an overly sensitive human. I was fighting back tears at work because my boss asked me to do something different. I was pissed at husband for something he posted on facebook. What he wrote wasn’t anything bad, or wrong. It just wasn’t what I wanted him to write. I have turned into a monster. A “it’s my way or no way”, and it needs to stop. So that’s what I’m working on too šŸ™‚ I’m going to work on this by trying to recognize why I’m upset, before I get to a point where I’m crying. When I feel that I am getting upset, I am going to ask myself – Is this hurting me? Is this unreasonable? Is this worth getting upset over? I am going to focus on only things that matter.

That’s what’s happening! Cheers to changes!


Friendship Sank. — May 20, 2015

Friendship Sank.

I’ve been learning lately that not everybody I hang out with is a friend. It is getting incredibly frustrating. I came to Saginaw to go to school seven years ago, and haven’t left. I’m here for the long haul. Many of my friends have moved away, which is typical. I’m still in contact with them and we hang out when we visit each others towns. However, that is not the frustrating part.

I have two friends that I have in mind that have really been a cut to the heart lately. My first friend and I have known each other since I moved here. We met within the first couple weeks of Freshman year and have been friends ever since. Within the past coupe years, we became really close. Her boyfriend cheated on her, and I helped her move out and get over that. We would workout together, go out together, and even just hang out together. Sometimes husband would join too. He loves her too! She has always been the most reliable friend, and I have always done my best to be the same for her. But, she started dating another douche of a guy and seems to find reasons to not hang out. We make plans on plans, and she always bails. She promised she would be there to help us move, especially because I single handedly helped her move. Instead, she decided to go away with her boyfriend for the weekend. She promised she would run a 5k that’s coming up with me and of course she bailed on that. She promised to play in our bachelorette fantasy league, and she bailed on that. One night we were being spontaneous and decided we would meet for some drinks and watch our favorite band play. We make these plans and then just before I’m about to leave she says she is going to go meet her other friend right now, meeting at the place that I literally had just left. That she would text me when she was done. She never text me. She went and met with another friend after that, and left me high and dry. I have had it. I’m so sick of the excuses.

My other friend is a little different. We have been friends for a little less, but we have always been good friends. Lately, I feel like all she wants to do is compete with me and when she loses, she won’t hang out. It is so bizarre. She seems to be jealous of everything that happens, instead of happy for me. I celebrated her birthday with her this weekend. It was us, her and her boyfriend, and one other couple. Today she posted “so happy I got to celebrate my birthday with the best” and posts a collage with 3 pictures. Two of her and her boyfriend, and one of the other couple. Like, what was the point of that other than to hurt my feelings? It’s not like there were 12 couples there. It was just us.

Like is it something I did? Is my weirdness too weird? Have I done something wrong? I will never understand it.

I’m sick of these toxic relationships, though. I’m sick of being let down, and my feelings discarded. I’m sick of having to use my husband as my “girlfriendĀ to talkĀ to”. I’ve decided that I am better, and I am stronger than this. I’m not going to continue to let my “friends” stomp all over me. They aren’t my friends, because friends wouldn’t do this to each other! These are just people I have hung out with. I am only their friend when they need something, and that isn’t enough for me.

I learned the hard way before to never accept being 2nd best in a relationship – and it is no different in friendship. Here is to finding new friends. Friends who encourage each other, are happy for each other, are reliable, who call you before anyone else, who can do anything together, who can fight with each other, and who can challenge each other to be better.

Life after miscarriage — April 21, 2015

Life after miscarriage

I’ve been thinking a lot about my miscarriage, as I think all women do. I’m trying to see the good in it, and at the same time keep my mind off of it.

The good in it: I thank God that my body is healthy enough to terminate what could have been an even worse situation. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for my supportive husband. I’m thankful for the wonderful life we do have, and the extra time we have now to prepare for our second try.

Keeping my mind off of it:

Made a list of what I’m thankful for – knowing that I still have so many wonderful things in my life, and going for me really helps to reassure that my life isn’t over. I am stronger and will overcome this and will eventually be pregnant again.

I’ve started a workout regimen. Nothing like getting pregnant and realizing you’re already out of shape. I just kept playing in my head telling people and them saying they could see my bump — “no, I’m just fat I’m only 6 weeks” would be my response. Plus, exercising is great way toĀ relieve stress and distract me from this sad part of my life. Plus, this was a wake up call! I need to be healthy for my baby! On top of my new workouts, I’ve changed my eating habits. What I eat, baby eats! All I want is a healthy baby, so I need to be healthy first!

I’ve turned to music. I’m not talking sad, emo, cry in the corner music. I had one day of that and told myself I need to WAKE UP. Living in a corner crying all day is no way to get over anything! It’s not good for me, my relationship, my puppies, my job – ANYTHING. I have been pumping the jams! When I cook, or clean my iPad is blaring some hip-hop workout station on Pandora. I’m dancing around. The puppies love it, and so do I. I am keeping my body moving, and actually enjoying the cooking and cleaning (who does that??). Plus, when my puppies are happy it is the cutest thing.

I’ve basked in the sun. Sometimes in a tanning booth, sometimes outside. If you look good, you’ll feel good – and sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. I think I look great with a tan (I am in no way condoning or encouraging tanning salons). It is a great escape, and incredibly relaxing. Its 20 minutes of just me. I drift away, take a little cat nap and wake up feeling pretty and refreshed.

I went shopping. First thing I did was buy 14 pairs of new underwear. Maxi pads are REALLY sticky, so it was time. It also made me feel sexy, which made me feel good. I bought a few new tops, and felt great. Retail therapy IS a real thing!

Lastly, I had a night out on the town. A group of my friends and I enjoyed some drinks on the patio, and chatted all night. It was wonderful. When nobody knows, nobody asks, and when nobody asks I don’t have to tell.

Now, it’s a new week. I’m feeling better – emotionally, physically and mentally. I’m going to continue working on my habits, and doing things to make myself happy. Happy wife = happy life šŸ™‚

These have worked for me, but if anyone else has tips they’d like to share I would love to hear them.

Married & Miscarried. — April 14, 2015

Married & Miscarried.

Anyone who has ever been married knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say, as soon as you say your “I do’s”; it starts. Everybody wants to know when the baby is coming. My husband and I have been trying (not long – but it doesn’t make it any less irritating), and even people we barely know ask if we have been trying. 1. Yes 2. Is that any of your damn business?! I don’t understand where people get the nerve.

Anyway, it turns out we were successful! Happy day, right? We were hiding it from all our friends and family until it was confirmed. We got the blood work done, and made an appointment for an ultra sound. We couldn’t have been more excited, until we got there.

First, they make you wait in the obgyn office for at least 30 minutes after your appointment is supposed to start. So by now not only are you about to pee yourself, but your nerves are going crazy. You finally get called back there, and you’re so excited because it is finally your turn and then your tech sighs. It’s a dreadful sigh. She can’t tell you you’re having a miscarriage because she isn’t allowed to. They tell you to come back in a week – maybe you’re just not far enough along yet. It’s the longest week of your life. It is a week of eternity. You think about it every day. You’re stressed to the max, and nothing can make you feel better.

The day finally comes. You get to go back to the obgyn office. This time you show up extra early in hopes of getting in on time, but instead you just have to wait twice as long. This time you get a nurse, somebody who can tell you what is really going on. She does her ultra sound and breaks the bad news. This is obviously devastating.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. Then you go into another room and wait for a nurse, and then for a doctor. All three people discuss your options with you over AN HOUR AND A HALF. You’re so upset (obviously) but now you’re frustrated to the point of tears. Why do they give you the worst news, and then make you sit around a bunch of other happy people? It’s a sick joke.

Anyway, we chose to take the pill. I was confident that I was measuring too small the first time, and this time confirmed it for me. We knew it had happened, and quite frankly didn’t have to time for cramps and profuse bleeding in the upcoming weeks. I took the pills on a Friday, and it went pretty well. Or so I thought.

It is now Tuesday. I’m still bleeding, wearing a giant maxi pad around aka a diaper, I feel disgusting becauseĀ of this damn diaper,Ā I’m fat because my body still thinks I’m pregnant and have this baby bloat, my face is covered in acne, and my whole body aches. I’m so stressed every muscle in my body is tight. I can’t talk to anyone about it, because we didn’t tell anybody about it. So not only do I feel and look like hell, but everyone else just thinks I’m hungover. Perfect!

On top of that, you’re so emotionally drained. Your whole body is tense, and you can’t relax. You randomly cry, and still have cravings because the hormone is still in your body. You can’t sleep when you’re supposed to, your thoughts are a jumbled mess and the only time you can find time to sort them out is when you’re supposed to be sleeping. And just when you think you’re getting better somebody else asks your that dreaded question “When are you guys going to pop those babies out?”

I can’t stress this enough: THAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE TO ASK. You never know who is dealing with infertility, miscarriage, trying to conceive but can’t, or any other issues. When people are ready to share with you their good, or bad, news, they will. Leave it be.